Boutique hotel "VSK Kentavar" is located in the center of the town . The town is situated at the crossroad between Northern and Southern Bulgaria, near the towns of Veliko Tarnovo, Tryavna, Gabrovo and Sevlievo.
The area has been inhabited since antiquity. This is evidenced by the caves near the Dryanovo Monastery, as well as the remains of ancient Roman, Byzantine and Old Bulgarian fortresses in the vicinity.
Today the spirit of the past is successfully preserved in the many museums and expositions that make the destination particularly popular for cultural and historical tourism.
The ecologically clean area is a preferred place for recreation and mountain tourism. The eco-trails near the Dryanovo Monastery open a magnificent view from the rocks to the canyon of Dryanovska and Andaka rivers.
The architectural appearance of the region is heavily influenced and still reminds of the Renaissance period. Dryanovo is a hometown of Renaissance building genius - Kolyu Ficheto. The stone bridge over Dryanovska River is the
only one in Bulgaria, preserved to its present day in its original form, and the museum exposition in the city keeps the sculptures of many works of the builder.

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